Art Safari – parksessies 2019

Two micro initiatives De Vlieg ( Jim Mooijekind ), and The Mobile Gallery of The Hague ( Berk Duygun ) are combining their forces, to Showcase the works of a fine selection of visual artists in the historical garden of Pavillion Welgelegen. The exhibition includes safari rides with the Mobile Gallery Wagon in the enormous, monumental garden. The audience will be guided trough the forged wilderness next to the festival area of Parksessies, where the artworks and performances of Puck Shot, Malou Bumbum, Sydney Rahimtoola, Christian Thomsen, Josephine van Schendel & Jim Mooijekind will take place in the forest. Furthermore be prepared for audio performances by: Sissy Boi, Sydney, Børk, Discjockey Beau Enfant, and Fjørsk. As soon as Jim Moiekind, and I had the opportunity to host an exhibition in the garden of the villa, which is a historical symbol of the Dutch Golden Age, we decided to host a safari, with artworks from various artist hidden in the garden. Usually a safari ride would be organized in the past by the Europeans, in non-European countries. But this project aimed to achive to create an opposition by taking a safari ride, in the garden of white high income citizens of Haarlem, coincidentally featuring art works from European white artists, and the issues they strugle in their daily lives.

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