Life AFter the warm up – grey space in the middle 2019

Life After the Warm Upthe Greyspace in the MiddleDen Haag, NederlandLife After the Warm Up was an initiative of Berk Duygun, to experiment with a possible dooms day scenario, where the outdoors environments would be too deadly for locals of a coast city to survive. The focus of the experiment was based on how to achieve big scale outdoor events, indoors, without loosing too much of the value, elements, feelings of the outdoors. An indoor artistic market place, and it’s streets guided you to the forum, where art, and daily life things would be discussed, performances to take place. After celebrating the indoors with a roller disco ritual, the audience was guided to downstairs, where 5.5 tons of sand of Scheveningen was spread on the floor, with a rising Sun in the middle of the night, only to turn into a representation of the moon closer to the morning. Electronic music artists, and DJs related to the contemporary art scene of the Hague, and Rotterdam guided the ritual with their sound archive, and music. The exhibition was visited by 400-450 people in total, was open until 6 o’clock in the morning. To me there was nothing more interesting than to create an exhibition, which was found ‘too much of a cosplay’ by the authorities, only to be the new standart of the World in 3 months, while nobody from the art scene was not ready, nor could imagine for such a possibility, unfortunately.

The entire event was curated by Berk Duygun, was made possible with the help of Royal Surf Club, Every Day is Friday, Just This Place, Little Big Dollhouse and many individual artists, DJs, music producers. It it such an unfortunate that we could not have this post apocalyptic ritual, where we experimented with the concept of “What would happen, if the global warming reached to a point, where going outdoors for humans was not possible anymore”. Without us knowing what would happen in 2020, this was the last event in this scale for many of us, without knowing that the whole world would have to go into lock downs, only 3 months later. We cherish to announce, there will be a second ‘Life After the Warm Up’ event in December 2021, hopefully celebrating the end of the toughest era for the modern humans. Filmed at Life after the Warm Up event at The Grey Space in the Middle.

◻️Organised by Royal Surf Club & Every Day is Friday

◻️ Participant Art and Sound Initiatives: Just This Place, Domo Sol, Little Big Doll House, SWitches, and Mushroom Radio

◻️ Participant Artists: Maarten Keus, Marlot Meyer, Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Pamela Varela, Hannah MQ, Joelle Galloni, Mizu Nazahradke, Ines Delgado, Ella Hebendanz, Soeria van den Wijngaard, Siem Beets, Kin Mun, Esther de Bruin, Malou Bumbum, Giovanni Palmieri, Aruina Nina, Bastian Visch, and Berk Duygun

◻️ Participant DJs: Gymnasty ( Haris Begic ), Stiib ( Siem Steeb ), Carlos Eperon Beltrán, OilBoy ( Kin Mun ), Jesus Canuto Iglesias & Gökay Atabek, Matthias König Aka Snackbar, Börk ( Berk Duygun ), and HEF Collective.

◻️ Graphics by Kin Mun and Paula Martínez Bailo

◻️ Documentation video directed by Carlos Eperon…

◻️ Filmed by Frank Herben

Music Releases, Events, Exhibitions, Applications and more:

An event curated, and produced by Berk Duygun

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