“Börk is an interdisciplinary artist & a genre-bending producer / deejay on the energetic end of the sonic spectrum. He draws his inspiration from mashups and dystopic-cyberculture. Clashing digitalism with analogue sounds, he is introducing us to the hallucenative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. He uses existing material as well as some of his b-side productions which can be considered as rhythmic combinations of noise, more than songs or tracks.

Besides curating unusual exhibitions & parties, he is as well the founder of Royal Surf Club, a wavy initiative & record label that focuses on bringing the Hague & Rotterdam art and the music scenes together, along with featuring a broad variety of artists with different disciplines and back grounds.”

New Release: “Fake Memories” available on Spotify, Apple Music and other music platforms.

Open Source Radio – Nijmegen | 24th September 2021

Maxi Radio | Every day is Friday w/ BöRK | Artist of the Month

06/08/20 – Operator Radio DJ Set

New Artwork: Roale Surf Corporation Silver Coins

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