“Börk is a genre-bending producer / deejay on the energetic end of the sonic spectrum. He draws his inspiration from mashup and dystopic cyberculture. Introducing us to the hallucenative as well as the desolate aspects of both cultures. He uses existing material as well as some of his b-side productions.”

He is the founder of Royal Surfclub, an initiative & record label which focuses on bringing the contemporary art, and the music scene of the Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam under the same series of events.

He graduated from the Royal Academy Of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands in 2018. He is known for mixing conceptual art exhibitions with night life events in unique locations in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. His focuses to take a role as a curator / an organiser and an artist himself to provide a stage where the young artists & musicians from many different disciplines could share with their experienced pairs in conceptual spaces.

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