BöRK ( Berk Duygun ) – Fake Memories / Royal Surf Club 2021

BöRK ( Berk Duygun ) – Rat Rave EP / Royal Surf Club 2020

BöRK (Berk Duygun) – Maus 03:40

BöRK (Berk Duygun) – Rat Rave 03:50

Released on October 28, 2020.

Composed, arranged and recorded by Berk Duygun in Royal Surf Studios, The Netherlands, Mastered in Past To The Future Studios Germany.
© All rights reserved.

BöRK ( Berk Duygun ) – Rat Rave EP

After being invited to participate in a T.V. series in Rotterdam, in a short party scene as a DJ, BöRK decided to compose two tracts that are completely opposite with each other, heavily influenced by the underground sound of Rotterdam.


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